• Ali Abdul-Aziz Al-Shawi MB,ChB, FICMS, CABS, Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, Chancellor Missan University, Missan, IRAQ.


This study aimed to evaluate modified shoelace darn repair. An abdominal incisional  hernia represent defect in the musculo-fascial  layers of the abdominal wall. It considers one of the commonest hernia in middle aged women.  surgical site wound infection is the most common causative  factor  and there are different method of surgical repair.

 This prospective study was conducted on 127 patients of incisional hernia who were managed by modified shoelace darn  procedure, they had reinforce the repair by onlay mesh to bridge the defect in anterior rectus sheath.

 The highest proportion of patients aged 41-50 years (37% with a mean of 43.6 years). Regarding distribution of  gender, the pattern was similar in both sexes. Most of the patients were overweight (76.4%). Further 14.9% were obese and only 7.9% were normal, 29.9% developed some kind of complication. The recurrence  rate was 1.6%.

 In conclusion, modified shoelace darn repair is simple, safe, extra-peritoneal with less tissue damage and it seems a good surgical technique for management of large ventral incisional hernia.


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